A whole new digital strategy.

Before turning into Fayn, we started as Teyit‘s creative team in October 2018 and developed for the fact-checking organisation a whole new digital strategy which included a re-design of its presence on digital platforms, a plan for video, audience development, engagement and membership strategies.

We created Teyit’s YouTube and Instagram pages with a socially native content, engagement and audience development strategy, developed shows, series, and many other storytelling formats.  We’re currently producing four mini-doc series for Teyit’s YouTube’s channel

Now we’re working on a new digital home for Teyit. In collaboration with Viveka developers and Teyit newsroom, we’re building a member-powered platform that will go online in April 2020. In December 2019 this project was selected by experts from The Guardian, European Journalism Centre and Membership Puzzle as one of the winners of the Independent Media Accelerator for Publisher. More info on the project will follow once we launch the project.